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I am a pendulum. I swing from one extreme to another but manage to find my balance in the end. I love life and want to explore all its myriad hues. Love, Grace and Bliss are three words I often use (or think in my head). I am a paradox and a free-spirited creature who often finds herself a misfit in this world. I am me, without boundaries to define anything. Yet, my family is my world and the only support system. Life is short, I prefer to keep it simple and lovable. This blog is my personal space, a small step to preserve my little time on this earth. Anything I write here is not meant to intentionally hurt or harm someone. Still if it does, then my apologies are in place. All the content in my blog posts is my original work, unless otherwise specified. However, all the images posted are mainly taken from the Internet, unless otherwise specified.

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