A humble request before you read the blog

Hello There!

Welcome to my blog. I am delighted you have stopped by in my humble abode. Before you begin reading, I want to say something. Are you are wishing to read something that may resonate with you straight away? If yes, chances are it may. But ideally it should not. Because what you will read are my experiences, thoughts, wishes and imaginations. Don’t make them yours.

You are special, you are unique, and so is your life path. If my words flutter a beat in your heart, enjoy the music. But if they don’t, and which they should not most of the time, let my words be your window to peek into my world of creativity. Ignore them, pass by them, imbibe them, or simply read and forget, it won’t make a difference to your lives.

But even if a single heart finds my words as a true companion amidst some tough moments in life, my purpose will be deeply fulfilled. I will feel as if I have repaid a minuscule bit of my debt of some of life’s great learnings. Many people’s words have fluttered my heart in times of despair and disbelief. So many beautiful words have made my journey little less difficult and continue to do so till date. I have fought lot of battles and emotions in life and it was someone’s words that got me through when all I had were tears and loneliness.

My only endeavor is to give you some words to make the journey worthwhile. By sharing my experiences, my life, my feelings, my imagination and my take on everything around me. Just and just to give someone a company when they have none. Even though I wish for you a musical life accompanied with all the beats and rhythm of emotions and experiences. I wish you a fulfilling, beautiful and amazing life!