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Brief but beautiful existence!


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A B’day that was!

B’day celebrations lasted a bit long this time. Not much fanfare but yes, a quiet celebration with the ones who matter. As the clock stuck 12, came a surprise cake, courtesy my roommates. Beautifully decorated, my favourite chocolate flavour, plus loads of their love. And yes, glasses of Glucon D to make up for the absence of cold drink, which they forgot to arrange. It was fun and special.

Went home in the morning, where a small puja was arranged. Then, a special lunch by mom and a few guests in the evening. The highlight was, cake had ‘My Soulitude’ written on it, courtesy my brother. So sweet of him and so much for the blog excitement. Next day in the evening, went out for dinner with friends. Just the four of us, me, my two roommates and one more friend. Had too much of fun. On the eve of birthday, had a small celebration with some other friends.

This was it, my birthday, which is gone now, leaving memories behind, and making me another year older. With every year added, I feel more happy (touchwood), more contended, more comfortable with life and more comfortable with myself and my existence.

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Happy New Year!



Thanks to all of you who bothered to read my blog. Today, on the first day of this 2012, I wish you all truck loads of good wishes, good times, good health and the bestest life. No, don’t want you to read blog today, so not writing a post. Enjoy the day!

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