Month: June 2011

The nest is now empty

The last bird has also flown out of the nest. Yesterday, my brother left for Pune to study for MBA. It was so unexpected. When we had given all hopes of his admission to any good institute, came the call. Just five days and the life changed so much. He packed his bags and left home to explore life on his own. We all are extremely happy for him. He got what he wanted. He struggled a lot after completing his B.Tech degree. So much so that just few days before he received the call, he was going through a tough phase professionally. But happy that life took a dramatic turn and gave him this success. God and his ways have always left me wondering.

The sad part is: Mom and dad are now left alone. It’s not easy to see a home full of people turning into an empty space, to see all almirahs in kids’ room getting empty one by one. When I went, both bro-sis were there, when sis left, bro was there, and now when he has also left, parents are left alone.

I know this is all a part and parcel of life, somewhere we knew this time will come, and I am glad my parents have responded positively. They have shown tremendous strength by adjusting to the changed situation, though my fears will take time to subside. Mom especially has put up quite a brave front. Though she did get emotional many times, but managed to keep her composure at large. Even at the airport, she kept her smile intact. We all kept hiding our moist eyes from one another. I have managed to be with them for some time (some advantage of being bit near to your hometown), but will have to leave sooner or later. I feel weak, thinking how they both will manage. How my mom, who is not used to sit still, will pass her time. How will she manage her health and endless other things. How will she eat alone, something she has never done in ages. Since yesterday, me and mom are alone at home and have not even made a proper meal since then. Just for two, then why to? Dad too will miss him lot, as brother shouldered half of his work. How easily we assume that dad don’t feel much. Yesterday, he was the one who didn’t sleep properly and got up early too.

It will be some time before my parents can adjust to this situation. When me feeling so alone right now being at home with my mom, as dad is away today, how will they bear the silence of the home that once had loud voices coming from all the corners. How will they keep themselves busy when there are no lunch boxes to be packed, no clothes to be washed and kept ready, no one to expect at lunch and dinner, and no child to catch a glimpse of.

But yes they have the satisfaction that their efforts and sacrifices have paid off to assure bright future for their kids. They will have endless phone calls from three corners of the country to tell them to take care and that their kids love them so much and feel proud of the way their parents have brought them up.

Yes, this time will pass too. I am positive that they will pass this test too, as they have passed through many many tough and trying situations in life. God, please give them the strength and happiness in life always. They mean everything to me.


My father- Epitome of generosity!

Dad, the sweetest, the humblest human being I have seen on this earth. Always helpful, always accommodating, always giving in abundance (not even realising how much he does for others by putting himself in discomfort). Since childhood, have seen him helping people, without giving the needed attention to his life and pleasures. Sacrifice he does with such an ease and openness, and that too silently. Unfortunately or fortunately, people have not reciprocated the love and care he gives to people, but, as I said, he holds no grudge. I wonder how (see I am nothing like his daughter should be).

Being extremely simple is his another virtue. A simple man with simple pleasures, but his biggest pleasure is helping others, in thick and thin, in sun or shadow. I love his simplicity to the core, as it makes life so simple too. But when that simplicity is taken for granted by everyone, I feel bad, but not he, of course (see I am nothing like his daughter should be).

Making others feel extremely important and comfortable is his second nature. Treating guest as God is his lifeline. No matter how big or small the person is, he never differentiates. Guests are literally worshipped in our house. I have grown up seeing guests in dozens all at one time but he never cribbed. I of course did sometime (see I am nothing like his daughter should be).

We three, his children, much to our disappointment, have not inherited these qualities from him in the degree that he possesses. We are not as generous as he is. We shout and scream and sometime pay back too when people do injustice to us, but he is always without any grudge. He is always thinking of others’ interest even when they don’t deserve. We all hate this thing about him but at the same time love him the most for this. For, it’s not easy to give when you have nothing, it’s not easy to laugh when all you have is tears, but it’s not tough either. My father, my dad proves it. My dad, a man with a ‘GOLDEN HEART’.

You make us feel proud in more ways than we three can ever make you do the same. Hope we always keep your head held high. Love you in abundance.


(PS: He is taking us to dinner tonight. Looking forward to some good family time. You all also enjoy and love your dad as much as you can.)


AC, AC, AC, why are you an AC?


Next World War is going to be fought on AC, I am telling you. If you have started smiling and laughing at me, don’t. Trust me when I say that AC, which is supposed to have a cooling effect, has all the qualities to heat up temperatures. It has the power to turn simple, sweet people in office into villains and vampires. It can turn a sober working place into a battleground, dividing it into zones like India and Pakistan (no offence please). Some people fight for (or against) it, as if it’s a jehad. They will go all out to keep the AC on, even if that means freezing to death, or keeping it off until you sweat your way to death. Some others are like peaceful candle-lighting revolutionaries, only pleading and requesting others to switch on or off the AC. As if office politics is not enough to kill your peace of mind, comes AC politics, gangs of AC and non-AC employees. Friends turn foes and foes friends, all thanks to AC bonding.

At the end of the day, productivity in office is measured by who got the AC switched on or off the maximum time and who had the maximum fights for it. Office resources are overused, all thanks to AC, and you earn so many curses, again thanks to AC. If you are feeling cold, you tend to order an extra cup of tea but not before earning the curse of office boy (or girl) for making an extra cup for you and the accusing glances of your colleagues for again having that cup of tea.

It also ensures that you never have a dull moment in office, with voices coming from all sides and corner for switching on or off the AC. Some voices (fervent appeals) reach the peak with their shrill while some die on the way.

Even while driving a car, AC becomes a spoilsport. When each and every member of the family (by any tweak of fate) is happy and all set for some peaceful journey, comes the AC in the form of a Shani devta, leading to arguments and even swollen faces. If mother is happy, then brother is unhappy; if you are sizzling (in heat of course), then sister is giggling. So, you see, AC never allows everyone to be happy.

The torture doesn’t ends here. How can you sleep in peace with AC having an evil laugh? In the dark of night, I can see it as a ghost with long white teeth, mocking us and saying, “How can you all sleep so peacefully while I am working.” So, if dad wants it at the lowest temperature, mom needs the highest, and me the best of all, don’t need it at all. So, in between on and off, whole night is gone and so does the sleep. Then, poor mother can’t even pack off blankets when winter is gone, as creatures like me need them at the peak of torture (read freezing to death).

The irony is: The AC never works when I need it for just some time while sleeping. Why? The voltage goes low, compressor stops working, and all I can feel is the evil AC laugh, asking, “So, enjoying me?”

And as if to take revenge for not being so AC-friendly, it produces looooooooong, hefty power bill at the end of every month, but what for, I wonder?

AC you are truly an AC (Annoying Creature).

PS: Edited to add: Just found out this.

USB Hot Cooler Keyboard from Thanko is not only can help the problem but the excess perspiration can help people who can not work because the air conditioning in the office is too cold. Thanko also add a “heater” in the “pad” so that we can work in an atmosphere warm. So tell your boss ordered to buy immediately so that you can work performance improved. :-)
The price is 4,980 yen. (Well, well, well, bad idea! Sorry)



USB Hot Cooler Keyboard from Thanko is not only can help the problem but the excess perspiration can help people who can not work because the air conditioning in the office is too cold.

Thanko also add a “heater” in the “pad” so that we can work in an atmosphere warm.

As we know, there is a product of the keyboard can also provide an atmosphere of warm and coolness in the hands but the keyboard from Thanko is this gives both of them in one product. The level of fan power that is in the part can be adjusted through the key and all the existing functions can be turned off when not needed. All products from Thanko sometimes “strange” but the actual product such as this can increase the productivity of work! So tell your boss ordered to buy immediately so that you can work performance improved. :-)
The price is 4,980 yen