Month: April 2011

Eye-opener: An essay on parrot!

An essay on parrot, how easy it sounds. Isn’t it? So, please try, yes, yes, try, writing an essay for a Class II student (see i told u na this is what happens with me. My roommate asked me to write an essay on parrot for her nephew who studies in class II.)

This is what I wrote. Parrot is a bird. It’s green in colour with red, curved beak. It’s kept as a pet. It can mimic human speech. It has four toes on each foot, two pointing forward and two projecting backward. Most parrots eat fruit, flowers, buds, nuts, seeds, and some small creatures such as insects. It has strong flight. It, it, it, it, ????, and a long blank…………………………

That’s it.

This proof of my intelligence came only after I initially laughed at the mere mention of an essay on parrot. Oh, an essay on parrot, just a five minute job. I was so excited. Parrot, after long I was actually hearing this name, Parrot, ah…a green coloured bird i was so fond of as a child.  It seemed ages that I heard or uttered this word. PARROT.

May be many of you are among the genius souls and can come up with many more points to write. But a person like me, who has been out of school for ages or formal studies for the past eight years, it turned out to be a tedious job. Add to it that I have no sibling or nephew or a niece who is studying in a school. So, I have no idea how much is the level of intelligence of a Class II student, what kind of words should I write, etc, etc.

Neways, coming to the point. After thinking hard and hard and hard, I still drew a blank. From the corner of my eye, I looked at my roommate, she was deep in thinking, but in the end drew a blank too. From the other end of eye, we looked at our another roommate, but found a more big blank. It reminded me of ‘fill in the blanks’ we did in school. Sadly, we had more blanks than answers. Though I could write many things like it’s origin, the species, where it is found, etc, etc, but it was meant for a Class II student. No big words or sentences, at least that’s what I thought. Scratched my head for what more information can I write about parrot. But couldn’t go beyond few lines.

Then, came the always reliable Google. Ah! Google, wonder how we studied without you. And finally, the essay was written. But only after realising some hard-hitting truth.

I mean imagine, I am supposed to know (or write) about important things happening in our country, issues plaguing the society, the economy of India, the cricket, and cricketers, and who’s dating whom,  the Bollywood heroes, Deepika-Siddharth relationship, and William-Kate wedding too, but parrot…what wrong has the poor parrot done.

On a serious note, what kind of progress is this that does not even allow us to ponder on all that we are losing. Most of our life is spent in doing things which adds little value to this precious gift of life we have got. Please don’t get me wrong. Not trashing anything, yes, we have to earn, learn, prove ourselves, and progress in life. But why not maintain a balance to enjoy the best of both the worlds. Why is enjoying and learning about nature, travelling and exploring, spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying the sun, the rain and simple pleasures of life not as prominent as is working, making money and progressing in life. And yes, learning about parrots too…:-(

Do you think we tend to miss on life while making a niche for ourselves?  Is balance important, or is it just about making our dreams come true no matter what. Is parrot nothing in front of passion?

(And yes, what more simple facts do you know about parrots, please share. Plz no google, try being honest).


Peep into my life!

Since I am a new kid (grown-up) on the blog, let me give you a sneak-peek into my life. I have a small, loving, wonderful family consisting of BESTEST PARENTS in the world, a YOUNGER SISTER whom I have grown up with sharing clothes, accessories, bags and big fights too, and a YOUNGER BROTHER, who is the naughtiest of all. Having the bestest parents does not mean I never had my share of disagreements with them. It means they agree with our disagreement, give us space to explore and fail, and never burden us with unexpected expectations. However, sometimes, they can be quite demanding too. My sister is my shadow, three years younger, but more mature and clear in thinking than me. She is my biggest critic and doesn’t mind calling spade a spade. I still can’t do that to perfection. I never felt the need for a friend till she was with us. Felt a lot of vacuum when she left for Mumbai for her job a year back. My brother, the youngest in family, is ambitious like any youth and wants to make it big in life. He is flawless in managing things, be it a B’day party or fixing a broken electric appliance. But in studies, he was always lagging behind. Just before his exams, the whole house would be on fire searching for his notes and making him study. Dad would read out to him, mom would make tea for him, me and sis would keep laughing at the whole situation and silently, also worry for his results. Those were the days.

Such is our family of “Famous five.” We all used to live together, until I left home for my studies. I became a week-end kind of a guest then. Leaving home on Mondays (I hate Mondays) and coming back on Friday evenings. Still, we seemed together, may be because I was not at home to share that emptiness, which was not too big to be noticed. Then, came my sister’s turn to leave. She went to Mumbai to work. That was a big vacuum, especially for mom, as she was quite used to having her at home. Her presence had made my working away from home a bit easy. Now, I am a more worried. Who will help mom when she unwell, who will tell me all that’s happening at home without thinking that I will worry. But life moves on. Now, it’s my brother’s turn to leave home to work and it’s keeping me more worried. Though parents are kind of prepared to live alone (I had not expected but they have flown with the flow quite well), still heart sinks. The empty nest syndrome? When I am feeling so empty, how will the parents feel when my brother leaves. Since I am not working too far from home, I can feel their emptiness more. This was one reason I never preferred working in big town, the distance. Wonder, people go all across the globe and progress in life, and I am thinking only about crossing a state in my country. But then, it’s me and my family. So far, so good.

Benign beginning!

Hi All,

Welcome to my blog. It’s been long that I wanted to start one. I read other people’s blog and enjoy it a lot. It’s a world of its own, to read others’ experiences and take on life. Then thought why not to have one of my own. I do write a diary and love to pen down my thoughts, then why not blog. May be I hesitated, as I know myself well and that consistency is not my game. Secondly, I am more of a pen-and-a pad person than a laptop (yes, yes, I know I seem to belong to an old generation of book-lovers, which yes I am). Though I help many of my friends with their blogs, but could never get into any action for mine. As ironic as it may sound, I am always helping others to write well, but never write myself. I work without credit. Not that I mind (who asked you to choose editing as a profession, my sister would quip reading this). But sometimes, it hits you. Why not write yourself rather than helping others to write. (And please it’s not that I write too well. I am just talking about it in my own humble way.) My job entails polishing what others write, and at times, re-writing too. Then, being in this profession, people are always asking you, is it okay if I write this? If someone has to write a mail, he’ll ask you to do the honours. If a friend has to fill some form, he will ask you, is it correct English? If another is writing an article, he’ll say, “yaar thodi help to karde, kya fayada tere journalist hone ka” (please help, what’s your advantage of being a journalist). And that’s not all, most of the phone calls are related to this. I mean imagine this: Your sister, who works in a far away place called Mumbai, calls you. You glow thinking she must be missing you. Then she whispers hurriedly, “Hey, I am in office, need to write an invite for an office party, please mail me urgently. *Glow gone*. Your brother, who hardly miss you even when you are away from home, calls. You glow again. He says, “Didi, yaar dekhna yeh sentence thik hai kya?” (Please see if this sentence is okay). *Glow gone*.

So, the point is, I was happy helping others in writing and transferring the glow from my face to theirs. I was happy with my pen and diary. But then, inspiration came from someone in the most unexpected way, from someone I don’t know personally (MM I am talking about you, thanks), besides my own craving to have my own space.

So, here it is. My blog, starting today. I chose this day as it’s the most auspicious day for me. Hope I’ll be able to write regularly. I know I am not the best, not even good, but it’s me, naive and imperfect. Hope to have a nice beginning and an enriching journey. Wish me luck please.

Welcome to my blog, My Soulitude!